Become bigger than your problems

“Ausdehnung ist ein Prozess, durch den Du die Einschränkungen Deines gegenwärtigen Zustands
erkennen und dann durchbrechen kannst.“ – Shai Tubali


Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali

Developer of The Expansion Method. Has Published 17 books in the field of self-awareness, among them bestsellers and prize-winning books.


Eilon Lester

Eilon published 5 books in the field of self-awareness and founded the Expansion organization.

About The Expansion Method

We live in times that glorify individuality. The post-modern man enjoys rights and great freedoms; his life lies in his own hands, to create and direct. However, this freedom comes at a price.

It is time to try reaching new states of mind that transcend your ordinary thoughts.

Expansion for creativity and decision-making.


School of Expansion

School of expansion

Become a guide for groups and/or one-on-one sessions in self-development and awareness processes.

The teaching program in the School of expansion of The Expansion Method – which takes place under the direction and supervision of Shai Tubali, an expert in spiritual therapy and self-development – can enable you too to become a guide for powerful changes, and now, for the first time in the method – to become a skillful guide for small as well as large-scale group processes!

School of expansion


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